Capacity & Capability

Raw Mmaterial

We import from the best makers around the world.

For stencils – Special grades of Stainless steel are used – SUS as well as Fine Grain – depending on the application and criticality.

For pallets –

Durostone from Roechling,France . Satchitanand Group is the exclusive agent for Durostone in India

Ricocel from Risho, Japan

CDM from Vonroll, France


8 stencil laser cutting machines with a capacity to cut more than 200 stencils per day.

Stencil scanner to scan a stencil and find out the missing apertures and deviation from center.

9 CNC machines for wave pallets and fixtures having a capacity to manufacture more than 50 pallets per day


Stencil designers – 8 designers having more than 35 man years in experience designing critical stencils

Pallet designers – 14 designers having more than 30 man years experience designing critical pallets, jigs and fixtures.